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Over 35 league newsletter / update

By Kevin Roberts

Over 35 league newsletter / update

Please find on the website the fixtures list for next season. I have only amended a couple of games; Southport Amateurs has agreed to swap with Ashwood in September. Other than that everything remains the same as in the original draft. As usual I had some speedy replies and some people just didn't bother so I can only assume that everyone is fine with the dates that they have been given.

A few points for this season:
Although the pitch fees remain the same per team (£35 for LFA and £30 for Ashton) if you call off any game at short notice without arranging a replacement then your club becomes liable for the full pitch fee. The LFA have previously waived their fee but have now changed their policy. They require at least a week's notice for teams to avoid this charge.
My advice to avoid this is to contact your players and your opposition at least 10 days before the fixture so that it can be confirmed. If you are struggling to raise a team then advertise the fact to the rest of the league as there are plenty of teams who are looking for extra games. Do not contact me with the expectation that I will sort it out.

Pitch payments: Please pay the LFA and me for the Ashton pitch promptly. I have to pay monthly in advance for the Ashton games and I prefer not to go chasing people for the money. If you are playing Fulwood at Ashton then I am happy to take cash on the night.

Discipline: There were too many games in which there were problems last season some of which were abandoned. I accept that sometimes people get excited but please try and control your players. If they don't calm down then substitute them for 10 minutes or so. Tell them not to continually question refereeing decisions - particularly on offside. If you want to avoid this point of contention then provide a lineman to assist the ref. I have attached a copy of the O35 Playing Spirit from an old handbook - this is the ethos of the league and I ask all teams to respect it.

Results: Please text me the result of your game and I will pass it on for publication on the website. We started doing this but it fell away last season. At Fulwood we try and produce a match report for publication on our web pages so if you do the same thing then let me know. We are trying to develop the league further and keep people playing for longer so the more information we can put together, the better.

That's it for now but if anyone has any questions then just give me a call.



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